Got a Flat Roof ?, Is It Splitting with Age ?, Is it Leaking ?

Why replace it with old fashioned felt and bitumen tar roofing, when there is a modern, longer lasting alternative that costs not much more and has more benefits.

Waterproofing Membranes

A waterproof membrane, in an ideal world, would be seamless, on a rectangular roof this is possible depending on size.

Just imagine if your new bath arrived in several pieces, that needed joining on site… you may well question the wisdom of the design!

The same principle applies to your rubber flat roofing. We supply and fit a brand new  EPDM rubber flat roof,  specifically tailored to your required *dimensions.

Put simply, we install a large piece of flat roof waterproofing rubber, based on the size you need, which is then stuck down with a roller applied cold adhesive!

Our advanced cutting procedure means you are not restricted to roll widths or standard sizes, you are only charged for what you actually need, perfect!

Unlike some of our competitors we do not round up your rubber dimensions to the nearest roll width………….we cut exactly to what you need……saving you money.

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  1. Rubba-Roof is a one piece installaton on most domestic applications, thus having less chances of a seam/overlap coming apart and causing a leak.
  2. Rubba-Roof is not laid with Bitumen Tar but is glued in place and has finishing strips to edge the system, thus you have no smell from heated tar and less mess.
  3. Rubba-Roof comes with a 25 Year Guarantee and has a life expectancy in excess of 50 years.



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