• Quality materials
  • Easy access
  • No rotting or rusting
  • All year round protection from wind, snow and rain
  • Full design, installation and maintenance service

Taking up hardly any floor space, a car port is ideal for anyone wanting to keep the elements off their drive and vehicle. Ideal for the winter months when the snow is covering everything in sight.


  • Made from Rigid Glass Reinforced Plastic
  • Advanced cantilever design is self-supporting. No excavations foundations or supporting pillars are needed.
  • Withstands Snow Loads of 1690kg
  • Withstands Wind Speeds of 146mph
  • Totally Maintenance-Free
  • Many uses as a Car Port, Patio Canopy, Door Canopy, Covered Play Area, Protected Walkway.
  • Range of gloss colours that never need painting.
  • Translucent roof panels let daylight through
  • Modular construction allows future expansion.
  • Can be erected by two fitters in eight hours easily.
  • Available Within A Few Days

Protect your car from the elements.

Many households have two or even three cars.
An average size garage usually only has space for one car to be protected.

What happens to your daughter’s, son’s or mum’s car?   
They are left outside open to all the elements.

The Cantilever Canopy is designed on a modular basis which means that you
can increase the area of the cover at any time and there are no support pillars needed.

Your canopy will keep its good looks for years and years without continual upkeep.


All you need to maintain the elegant looks is an occasional wipe clean.

The tough translucent roof panels allow natural daylight through, so if your canopy is
above your kitchen window, patio or living room, adequate daylight still enters your home.
Adds value to your property.

The Cantilever Canopy requires no ground preparation and in most cases
planning permission is not necessary.


Gutters and Fascias are priced seperately !

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